IC Traveling Gallery

The American Teenager Project premiers it’s interactive gallery in January 2014 at The Richmond Art Center in Richmond, CA.

This gallery contains 64 images from Robin’s original collection and is accompanied by a playlist of 35 audio clips.

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The gallery is a grid-system designed for simple and flexible installation on site and includes comprehensive curriculum that delves into the range of issues raised by the collection and challenges youth to think critically, connect with each other across difference, and become change agents for a more just and inclusive community.


The gallery will be available for sites FREE (plus shipping) beginning summer 2014 so please be in touch if you would like to reserve!

NOTE: Our ICGallery is designed specifically for high-school age youth and can be shown in a range of settings that may lack traditional gallery spaces and/or security.

Galleries or Museums equipped for a professional installation are welcome to inquire about Robin’s Teen 17 and Teen 38 Exhibitions which are currently available for touring.