Workshops and Presentations

The IC (It’s Complicated) presentations and workshops use  It’s Complicated: The American Teenager as the foundational text to dive into rich conversations with young people about diversity, equity and inclusion and about the many challenges  young people face in our society. These inspired discussions help teens develop alternative perspectives toward the world around and beyond themselves,  foster a compassionate understanding towards “the other” in their lives, and find avenues through which to take action on issues that matter to them.

The UNLOCK THE TALK Workshop is an extension of the work done during the ICWorkshops . This workshop offers a full immersion experience during which young people establish deep connections with each other while collaborating to create photographs and discussing their inner lives and personal struggles. The power and impact of this collaboration – a combination of photographic portraiture and oral history — allows teenagers to understand each other’s realities, learn about their mutual humanity, and celebrate and respect each other’s differences. 

The youth in the ICWorkshop produce published books including their final portraits and interviews. Their work can also be presented publicly through an Unlock the Talk Exhibition on site (or traveling between multiple sites) and digital presentations and discussions for classmates, teachers, and families.

The IC and Unlock the talk Workshops can operate in a variety of settings, with young people from single or multiple schools working together. The American Teenager Project trains educators to implement the workshop as best fits in their particular setting and provides ongoing support and consultation while workshop leaders are in the field and navigating their options for post-workshop exhibitions.

While our trained Teacher Ambassadors have flexibility with scheduling and recruitment, they abide by the central philosophical and aesthetic tenets of The American Teenager Project Program and are thus able to contribute professional quality work to our central, hosted ICArchive and participate in dialogue with youth from other communities who are simultaneously going through the American Teenager Project Program. 


IC and Unlock the Talk Workshop video